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Episode 4 - Interview with James Onieal from Raven Careers, Collins GPS Fiasco, Max’s announcement

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Dylan and Max discuss some current events and Max makes a big career announcement [1:00]. James Onieal joins us to discuss how he started Raven Career Development [14:40]. James talks about the different types of pilots he helps find jobs [23:14] The guys discuss how they would advise a high school student interested in becoming a professional pilot offer some ideas on how to avoid taking on debt during training [23:50]. James talks about networking and offers some tips [46:20]. We talk about Job fairs and if they are worth attending [54:43]. James reveals the key thing that holds pilots back from getting their dream job [58:20]. James explains salary negotiation and the correct mindset to approach it [1:05:30]. Dylan and Max read some listener feedback [1:20:00] Our buddy Jeff tells one of his favorite stories of flying a pop star [1:21:50].

For more information about Raven Career Development or to contact James Onieal, visit their website or email

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