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Episode 21- Dr. George Nolly on how to keep pilot skills sharp

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The guys discuss a slew of recent topics in the news including the possible sale of Bombardier, United buying a flight school, and the Breeze Airways announcement [00:41]. We read a very full listener mailbag [10:40]. Dr. George Nolly joins us to share his impressive aviation background [21:02]. George tells us about his experience as an expat airline pilot [33:34]. George shares his thoughts on pilot dependency on automation and how to combat it [52:47], single pilot airliners [1:06:44], and then tells the most epic story we’ve had on the podcast so far [1:12:17].

Dr. George Nolly hosts the Ready for Takeoff Podcast, is the author of the Hamfist Novel Series, and recently launched his audio book which you can listen to at

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