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Episode 11- Pilot stories: What happens when you lose your medical?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Dylan and Max discuss why pilots losing their medicals is such an important topic to address [1:14]. Clint, a 39 year old 787 pilot for a legacy airline, talks about his experience losing his medical this summer [4:20]. Clint discusses what he’s learned about short term, long term, and loss of license insurance as he awaits getting his medical back [20:00]. Dave, a PC-12 pilot, joins us to share his story of losing and eventually regaining his medical certificate due to complications with medication and pre-existing conditions [43:00]. We talk about the importance of mental health in professional aviation [1:20:30]. Dave shares his destination guide for San Juan, Puerto Rico [1:28:30]. For our tales from the road, Dave tells us about flying a prize winning pig home from the fair [1:34:00].

Episode Resources

San Juan Destination Guide: Web | Google Maps direct import

St Barth’s approach videos

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