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Episode 10 - Jared / Aerial Firefighter

An interview with Jared, aerial firefighting tanker pilot and reflecting on a Go/No-Go decision.

The guys discuss a recent go/no-go decision Max had to make while airborne [1:45]. We ask the listeners to let us know what they would have done in Max’s shoes [11:40]. Jared joins us to discuss the lifestyle of an aerial firefighting pilot and describes a little bit about how the industry works [14:20], and why operators are using the Avro as an aerial tanker [22:10]. Jared describes a ‘typical’ mission [36:30]. We ask Jared to break down the viral video (see below for link) of the extremely low pass an aerial tanker recently made [54:00]. Jared shares some ideas about how to get into the aerial firefighting industry [1:00:00]. Jared tells us about ferrying an Avro tanker to Australia [1:10:30]. We get Jared to tell a tale from the road [1:13:30].

Aerial Firefighting Operators

Air Attack - Ponderosa Aviation, Bridger Aerospace, Dynamic Aviation

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