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NBAA CAM Exclusive Episode - BACE Luncheon Preview

CAM Luncheon Preview (1).png

Episode Guide

Jamie Stember (CAM Governing Board) gives some details of the upcoming CAM Luncheon at BACE [1:00]. James Onieal (Raven Career Development) shares his observations on recruitment and retention and determining what a flight department’s retention goal is before starting the recruitment process [4:36]. James talks about the importance of finding the motivations of the people that you manage [7:00]. Is it all just about salary for pilots? James shares his thoughts [9:10]. Dylan asks James how department managers can educate principals on the current pilot marketplace [10:09]. James talks about adapting your recruiting strategies to the resources you have available [19:35]. How can department managers leverage talent loses to improve the department? James explains [20:40]. Why James thinks flight departments should be more proactive in sharing their employee comp packages with each other [28:00].

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