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Episode 9- John Peroyea interview/Straight Talk with Ted

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

An interview with John Peroyea, Founder of Straight talk from Ted/Line guys gone wild. Dylan talks about his recent trip to recurrent training and practicing dual engine flameouts [00:50]. The guys discuss a hilarious video of a retirement flight fire truck salute disaster [5:58]. We get some Straight Talk from Ted on airline pilot backpacks, leather jackets, and flight cases [8:57] John Peroyea from joins us to talk about his winding career path including traffic watch, turboprops in the Caribbean, 727FE, aerial photography, missionary work, and eventually Southwest Airlines [16:00]. John explains the origins of and what makes it different than other pilot job boards [38:45]. John talks about the most popular job postings [56:30]. The guys ask John his opinion on the current job market [ 59:00]. Max tells the story of meeting the subject of a legendary SDL hangar story [1:13:30].

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