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Episode 5 - Takeoff Performance with Jim Deuvall from CAVU Companies, Iran and Cuba Airspace update

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan catch up on current events and Max’s training.[0:50] Dylan calls International Trip Planning Services to discuss the latest hot topics in international operations. [8:15] After receiving lots of praise for recent episodes, the guys get a dose of reality in another installment of Straight Talk with Ted. [16:45] M and D preface our takeoff performance interview. [18:56] Jim Deuvall joins us to talk about the FAA’s InFO letter 18014 [24:50], the potential trap of runway analysis [36:50], and dispelling internet myths. [52:35] And finally, Jeff returns to tell us a story about overhearing an arranged marriage in the back of a Citation X. [1:08:36]

For more information about EFB Pro/CAVU Companies or to contact Jim Deuvall, visit or email

You can reach Phil Linebaugh with ITPS at 1-866-573-7067 or

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