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Episode 16- 5 Things BizAv can do to improve pilot retention with James Onieal

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan call Clint to get an update on his journey to regain his medical [1:30]. Jamie Stember, Chairman of the NBAA CAM Governing board, and James Onieal from Raven Career Development, join us to discuss recruitment and retention in business aviation [20:00]. James shares his 5 takeaways from the CAM Luncheon [26:00]. Lori Napoletano, recruiter, and Jake Piascik, program manager, discuss instructor positions at FlightSafety International for pilots who may have lost their medical certificate [1:05:55]. Max shares a story about Dylan crashing his kids’ RC airplane [1:25:56].

Episode resources:

James Onieal can be reached through email or at 614.379.2351 /

FlightSafety International’s Lori Napoletano can be reached via email or at 201.528.0192

RC Airplane (that Dylan crashed into a tree)

For the remainder of the year, Harvey Watt is offering up to $150k of life insurance to pilots and their spouses with no medical exam and no exclusions (except suicide, which is removed after 2 years). Just answer a brief health questionnaire to enroll. Click here for all the details

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