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Episode 15- Aspen Airport Operations with Jason

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan announce their partnership with Harvey Watt Insurance [1:15]. The guys talk about the success of the NYC/Teterboro destination guide and share some listener feedback [3:30]. Jason, author of the Aspen Airport Familiarization Training and Airport Briefing, joins us to discuss Aspen operations [7:35]. Jason talks about the many different factors on the arrival into Aspen [18:27]. We ask Jason his thoughts on summer and winter departures from Aspen [50:30]. Jason explains why the COZY ONE VFR departure was created [1:19:44]. We all share our favorite things to eat, see, and do in Aspen [1:04:55]. Dylan and Max explain why the phrase “Flexibility is the key to air power” is significant to them [1:10:10].

Episode resources:

Article on the crazy parties at the Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro

Email Jason with questions or comments at

For the remainder of the year, Harvey Watt is offering up to $150k of life insurance to pilots and their spouses with no medical exam and no exclusions (except suicide, which is removed after 2 years). Just answer a brief health questionnaire to enroll. Click here for all the details

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