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Episode 15- Aspen Airport Operations with Jason

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan announce their partnership with Harvey Watt Insurance [1:15]. The guys talk about the success of the NYC/Teterboro destination guide and share some listener feedback [3:30]. Jason, author of the Aspen Airport Familiarization Training and Airport Briefing, joins us to discuss Aspen operations [7:35]. Jason talks about the many different factors on the arrival into Aspen [18:27]. We ask Jason his thoughts on summer and winter departures from Aspen [50:30]. Jason explains why the COZY ONE VFR departure was created [1:19:44]. We all share our favorite things to eat, see, and do in Aspen [1:04:55]. Dylan and Max explain why the phrase “Flexibility is the key to air power” is significant to them [1:10:10].

Episode resources:

Jason’s Aspen Airport Familiarization Training and Airport Briefing

NBAA Seasonal Traffic Management Details for Rocky Mountain Airports (2018 version, 2019 version coming soon)

SnoBrum for clearing snow

Video of Aspen Challenger Crash

NTSB Report on AVJET GIII crash

Article on the crazy parties at the Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro

Email Jason with questions or comments at

For the remainder of the year, Harvey Watt is offering up to $150k of life insurance to pilots and their spouses with no medical exam and no exclusions (except suicide, which is removed after 2 years). Just answer a brief health questionnaire to enroll. Click here for all the details

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