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Episode 14- Traian, New York TRACON Controller, on Teterboro and NYC, plus Airline Prank Stories

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan recap their time at NBAA BACE in Las Vegas [1:38]. Traian, a recently retired New York TRACON controller joins us to talk about his career working the Newark area of N90 [7:30]. Traian explains the NY TRACON and sectors [12:10]. Traian explains why Teterboro can often experience long delays [21:30] and what weather is the worst case scenario for Teterboro [26:30]. Dylan asks what the best ‘bail out’ airport in the NYC area is [34:20]. Max questions Traian on his favorite (and least favorite) airlines to handle [37:00]. Traian talks about controlling foreign airlines and tells a funny story about having to speak spanish to an aircraft [39:12]. Max wonders what controllers think about operators departing VFR to avoid delays [42:53]. Traian shares some of controllers’ pet peeves including radio phraseology [49:04]. The guys discuss the new Teterboro/NYC destination guide and talk about some of their favorite things to do when on a trip there [1:14:17]. Dylan and Max recount several stories of playing pranks on each other and other pilots during their time at the regional airlines [1:21:34].

Episode resources:

Something’s Got To Give - NY Times article on N90 Tracon

Teterboro/NYC Destination Guide Web | Google Maps

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