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Episode 7-Professional pilots getting back into GA, SNA Destination Guide, and an overflowing toilet

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max gives his final update from training as he starts IOE [00:50]. Listener David joins us to share his Destination Guide for SNA/Orange County, CA [07:00]. Max asks David about dining out while flying single pilot [14:00]. Dylan talks about how to use Google Maps to mark your favorite places to visit on the road [20:00]. The guys react to the new Top Gun 2 trailer [23:00]. Max and Dylan introduce the topic of Professional Pilots getting back into GA [26:00]. Roy, a 767 First Officer at a legacy airline and President of the Utah Backcountry Pilots Association, and Dylan talk about backcountry flying and professional pilots getting back into general aviation [30:55]. Shawn joins Dylan and Roy to offer some advice on how to minimize the cost of owning your own airplane [47:20]. Roy shares a story of combating an overflowing toilet on the 767 while crossing the Pacific Ocean. [52:40].

Click here to import the SNA/Orange County Destination Guide into Google Maps.

Photos of Shawn’s aircraft courtesy of Curtis Noble Photography

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