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Episode 6- Mark Matzuka, founder of ProPilotWorld, ITPS on the Australia TSP Conundrum, Dallas Guide

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Max and Dylan recap the discussion on Takeoff Performance [00:50]. The guys introduce a new segment, The Destination Guide, featuring Dallas for this episode [5:40]. Phil and Ben from ITPS join us to talk about the new Austrailian TSP rules [13:18]. Drones outfitted with ADS-B? The guys discuss [20:12]. Mark Matzuka, Aviation Department Manager and Founder of calls in [23:50]. Mark talks about starting ProPilotWorld [25:40], and the joys and challenges of running the popular site [29:40]. Mark talks about his favorite threads [40:27], and Max raves about Athenian and Chernobyl Chicken recipes [41:22]. We ask Mark about the challenges of running a successful flight department [44:00] and discuss the effect of the pilot shortage on business aviation [1:00:00] Max and Dylan share the story of when the first tried to fly together professionally [1:10:20]. The guys react to a funny iTunes review [1:15:30]

Recipes for Athenian Chicken and Chernobyl Chicken [Must be a member of to access]

You can reach Phil Linebaugh with ITPS at 1-866-573-7067 or

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