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Episode 3 - Retired Airline Pilots, SWA Captain transitions to Business Aviation, Side Gigs

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Dylan and Max discuss retired airline pilots posting on social media looking for work after retirement and offer some advice on how to approach flying after retirement [0:53]. Ted, a retired Southwest Airlines Captain, shares his experience transitioning to business aviation after a career of military and 121 flying [13:41]. Side Gigs for Pilots: Max and Dylan share their experience balancing their side gigs (real estate and video production) with their flying jobs and then discuss side gig ideas for pilots [24:53]. And finally, Mike comes back to tell us about his experience flying extradition flights for the US Government and Max talks about flying someone in witness protection [40:27].

Online resources for retired airline pilots looking to jump to BizAv: - See what current professionals are charging for pilot services in various aircraft

CAJL Contract Pilot Daily Rates - Continuously updated spreadsheet

CharterHub's Charter Company Search - Great tool to find operators in your area

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