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Episode 18- Best stories from the year

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Episode 3 - Mike explains extradition flights, 1:58

Episode 11 - Dave flies the prize winning pig 14:22

Episode 6 - Dylan and Max on a reality show? 18:12

Episode 13 - Aubrey has a single pilot emergency 22:36

Episode 5 - Jeff and the arranged marriage in a Citation X 32:05

Episode 8 - Dylan and Capt. troll regional airline pax 35:20

Episode 10 - Jared gives a tour of the fire tanker 38:48

Episode 12 - Rob Alston and the one eyed pilot 41:49

Episode 1 - Mike deals with an A-List Celebrity meltdown 44:45

Episode 17 - Sean McGeough and a high profile passenger mixup 49:45

Episode 14 - Trian tells the real story of Pushing Tin 52:47

Episode 2 - Chuck Airman IOE Stories 55:58

Episode 16 - Dylan loses an RC Plane 1:02:08

Episode 7 - Roy battles an overflowing toilet over the Pacific 1:06:45

Episode 14 - Dylan and Max reminisce about their favorite airline pranks 1:11:10

Episode 9 - Line guy gets caught red handed 1:20:35

Episode 4 - Jeff on deals with a celebrity passenger 1:22:28

Episode 15 - Origin of Flexibility is the key to airpower 1:26:13

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