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Episode 12 - Rob Alston with Harvey Watt on Loss of Medical Insurance

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Rob Alston with Harvey Watt on Loss of Medical Insurance. Max and Dylan discuss the listener feedback on Max’s go/no go decision from episode 10 [1:47]. Dylan asks the listeners to read this recent NYT article on the 737Max in preparation for their discussion in the next episode [12:58]. Rob Alston, Director of Operations for Harvey Watt Insurance, joins us to talk about loss of license insurance [18:45]. Rob breaks down the typical coverage a pilot at a legacy airline gets and why they should consider supplemental coverage [29:00] Rob explains the Aeromedical services Harvey Watt provides to help pilots keep their medicals [34:00]. Rob explains the coverage available to corporate pilots [43:15]. Rob explains the difference between pre and post tax premiums [56:00]. Max asks Rob what can be done to decrease the chance of losing your medical [1:08:40]. Rob stresses the importance of getting a medical advocacy group involved if your AME wants to defer your medical [1:12:00]. We get Rob to tell us a great story about a hijacking and a pilot beating the odds to get his medical back. [1:23:10].

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